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Ćwiczenie na prepositions na podstawie fragmentu dyrektywy unijnej

DIRECTIVE 2006/116/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 12 December 2006 on the term of protection of copyright and certain related rights

Fill in the blanks:

Article 1

Duration of authors’ rights

1.   The rights of an author of a literary or artistic work within the meaning (1)…. Article 2 of the Berne Convention shall run (2)…. the life of the author and for 70 years (3)…. his death, irrespective (4)…. the date when the work is lawfully made available (5)…. the public.

2. In the case of a work of joint authorship, the term referred (6)…. in paragraph 1 shall be calculated (7)…. the death of the last surviving author.

3. (8)…. the case of anonymous or pseudonymous works, the term of protection shall run for 70 years after the work is lawfully made available (9)…. the public. However, when the pseudonym adopted (10)…. the author leaves no doubt as to his identity, or if the author discloses his identity during the period referred (11)…. in the first sentence, the term of protection applicable shall be that laid down in paragraph 1.

4. Where a Member State provides for particular provisions (12)…. copyright in respect (13)…. collective works or for a legal person to be designated as the rightholder, the term of protection shall be calculated according (14)…. the provisions of paragraph 3, except if the natural persons who have created the work are identified as such in the versions of the work which are made available (15)…. the public. This paragraph is without prejudice to the rights of identified authors whose identifiable contributions are included (16)…. such works, to which contributions paragraph 1 or 2 shall apply.

5. Where a work is published (17)…. volumes, parts, instalments, issues or episodes and the term of protection runs from the time when the work was lawfully made available to the public, the term of protection shall run (18)…. each such item separately.

6. In the case of works for which the term of protection is not calculated (19)…. the death of the author or authors and which have not been lawfully made available (20)…. the public within 70 years from their creation, the protection shall terminate.

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wersja polska: DYREKTYWA 2006/116/WE PARLAMENTU EUROPEJSKIEGO I RADY z dnia 12 grudnia 2006 r. w sprawie czasu ochrony prawa autorskiego i niektórych praw pokrewnych

Vocabulary from the exercise:

within the meaning of Article Xw rozumieniu artykułu Xconventionkonwencjairrespective ofniezależnie odlawfullyzgodnie z prawemin the case ofw przypadkureferred to in określony w identitytożsamośćEU Member StatePaństwo Członkowskie UEprovisionsprzepisycopyrightprawo autorskieexceptz wyjątkiem / opróczlegal personosoba prawnanatural personosoba fizycznacontributionwkładvolumetom

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